Manna Missions

Acts 1:8
"But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you, and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth."




Manna Church is involved in outreach and missions efforts all over the world. As a church family, we are serving our city through local outreaches and ministries, planting churches throughout the country, sending teams overseas, and supporting missions work throughout the world, including some of the darkest and most dangerous places on the planet.

Join God's Heart for the World


You can make an impact right where you are by faithfully praying for our team members on mission trips, our leaders, and our partners around the world.


The gospel is always free but sharing it takes resources.  Let's join forces to make a difference.

3. GO

Whether across the country or across the globe, Join a short term team and Love the World. Scroll down for more!

  • Pray - ask God where He would have you GO
  • Apply and Interview for a trip
  • Get your Passport (all current passports must be valid for at least 6 months AFTER trip dates)

  • Raise Support - both prayer and financial

  • Attend all Team Meetings

  • Pack and GO!

How do I GO?


  • A follower of Christ
  • Active participation at Manna Church
  • Completion of NEXTStep (may be completed while preparing for trip)
  • Commitment to attend Training Meetings prior to the trip
  • Ability to raise or provide the cost of the trip
  • Humility to learn from and serve others
  • Age requirements vary by trip
  • The trip cost covers transportation (unless noted otherwise), lodging, meals, ministry expenses, supplemental travel medical insurance, and background checks. The trip cost does not cover passport application or renewal, immunizations, medications, visas, or phone plans.

    Generally speaking, personal funds are not necessary once you arrive in your host country. Participants may choose to bring money for souvenirs or additional food.

    The short answer is no. Learning basic greetings and phrases in your host’s native tongue communicates your interest and care and is a great idea. But you are not expected to speak the language. Interpreters will be assigned as necessary to overcome language barriers.

    If the host country has a specific vaccine requirement for entry, then you would need to comply or find an alternate trip. Otherwise, each person advised to simply take appropriate health precautions as needed. We recommend visiting a travel clinic if you are unsure or want to hear more about the recommendations for a specific destination.

    If you have health conditions requiring care, please consult with your doctor.

    Accommodations vary widely for each trip. We’ve sent teams who’ve slept in cabins, on floors in people’s homes, hostels, and even western style hotels. Our mistry partners strive to find accommodations that are clean and safe but you will likely be without some of the amenities you’re accustomed to. The key is flexibility and a willing attitude no matter where we sleep.




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    At Manna Church, our mission is to glorify God by equipping His people to change their world and by planting churches with the same world-changing vision.