Is God calling you to greater levels of ministry effectiveness and impact?


Manna’s Ministry Leadership Certificate will prepare you to serve at a higher level of effective ministry and kingdom impact The 3-part, 1 year program will develop your ministry leadership impact using:


(1) Structured biblical, theological, and leadership education in a classroom format


(2) Mentored, practical ministry experience


(3) Spiritual formation with an emphasis on learning to accurately hear from God


  • Personal Growth, Spiritual Formation, and Discovering your unique gifts & calling

  • Develop a Christian worldview

  • Overviews of the Bible

  • How to accelerate ministry in today’s complex world

  • How to lead people and organizations

  • How to interpret the Scriptures

  • Leading & managing ministries

  • How to equip and motivate people to advance God’s kingdom


Evening classes at Manna Church Offices will explore these subjects and more:

Do you want to elevate your leadership and kingdom impact to the next level?


Manna Church Colorado Springs is offering a Certificate in Ministry Leadership that will provide future vocational ministry leaders with the tools to communicate clearly and effectively while gaining a sense of preparedness through mentored, practical ministry experience.


This program of study engages participants in biblical studies along with state-of-the-art leadership training material.


Formal and practical training one evening a week in three semesters:


1st Semester

January – April

2nd Semester

May – August

3rd Semester

September – December

1 Year Certificate Program


Manna Church Colorado Springs believes that formal biblical, theological, and leadership training, hands- on mentoring in ministry, and learning to hear God’s voice through personal spiritual formation will lay the best foundation for future vocational ministry leaders!





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Harrison High School

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Sunday: 9:15am • 11:00am


At Manna Church, our mission is to glorify God by equipping His people to change their world and by planting churches with the same world-changing vision.