Direct Support to Foster and Adoptive Families

Community, Outreach

Group Details:

Meeting Day(s) Wednesday
Meeting FrequencyWeekly
Group LeaderSharyn Beal

I would like to introduce you to Beautiful Redemption: a community partner who allows us opportunities to meet needs directly in the Foster Care system. There are families right here in our city who need a little extra support, some of whom are foster, some adoptive, and others biological families working hard to stay together. Through Beautiful Redemption, YOU can be the hands that directly meet a need such as food, clothing, shelter, or even finances to help families continue to care for their children.

If you wish to participate, there will be an initial, one-on-one meeting where you will learn about and register for Beautiful Redemption. After that, you will receive regular emails detailing families' needs. When God prompts you to respond, you will respond directly to the need! However, there is never an obligation to respond. You simply receive regular opportunities and pray about how God would have you respond. Come learn about this wonderful partnership and how you can take part!

This group has no regular meetings. There is one initial, one-on-one meeting to register and then regular email updates.

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